About the Author

Dave Yoho: Presides over one of the oldest and most successful consulting groups in the US - He sits on the board of public companies, has appeared in over 100 video training series and has made over 5,000 speeches in 50 states and in 18 foreign countries.

His first job after graduating from Temple University was as a trainee in a company which soon became a division of Reynolds Aluminum. Here was the ignition that lit Dave's interest in building materials and home improvement products. By age 25, he was a part of its Executive Management team and left before his 30th birthday to found his own business.

The majority of Dave's adult life has been devoted to understanding the needs of others and how to convey messages which would benefit both readers and listeners. He has authored numerous articles on the benefits of various products and services offered to improve homes. He has been a consultant to many companies and management groups who are developing or improving products and services for the building materials industry.

Dave Yoho has designed communication systems used by Fortune 500 companies as well as small entrepreneurial organizations. In 1991, he wrote his first best selling book: How to Have a Good Year Every Year (Berkeley Press) which was circulated internationally in five languages. In 2005, his sequel, Have a Great Year Every Year was published and again became a best seller.

During his career, Dave Yoho has long been a champion of and platformer for consumer protection regulations. He has testified before state and federal legislative groups and his advice has been solicited in numerous cases for contractor licensing regulations.

Now he has been selected to research, develop and write this book: Why... Buy Replacement Windows? (Not for Dummies). It is hoped that you, the reader, will benefit from his research.

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